Tea Garden in a Box

Martha Stewart is. The. Foxiest.  

from martha, for later:
Tools and Materials
Ink-jet printer, Clear decal paper, Craft scissors, Eggs, Spray varnish
Print clip art onto decal paper.
Spray the paper with two coats of varnish; let dry after each coat.
Cut out individual decals, staying as close to the designs as possible. Soak them in a bowl of water for about a minute.
Remove a decal from the water and slowly separate it from its backing, sliding it onto the egg as you go. Smooth with your fingertips. Gently press a paper towel against the decal to absorb excess water.
Let dry a few minutes; repeat with additional decals. Try multiples of the same design, or a collage of different images.
Let dry overnight, then spray with a coat of varnish.
- girlsworld diaries
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